Pizza night gone wrong

Don’t we all love a nice cosy pizza night on the sofa in front of the TV?

With my cellphone in ICU still and my absence from the world of live social media taking its toll on my mood, I decided on a pizza night and my token from home, good old “Old Monk” rum.


Now, the thing about pizza and alcohol is that its pure fat. We ended up ordering a large pepperoni pizza with chicken nuggets and guzzled down half a bottle of rum. Fried, cheese and fat screamed my head and body but it was bliss.

Not so much the day after.

So, today, after my fun pizza night of abandon, I hit the gym with leg day and a minor leg injury. Now, my usual workout is a 20 minute medium paced cardio followed by hitting the weights hard and then another 5-10 minutes of cardio and stretching or yoga.

Without my phone, I had no access to Bollywood songs to pump me as I tentatively pushed the buttons on the treadmill. And with all the pizza fat swimming in my gut, waiting for me, I had no idea what I was in for.

To compare, take my usual treadmill workout timing and intensity, I do 20 mins at 6 mph varying the incline with the last 5 mins dedicated to a run at 7.5-8 mph. Today, I started off with a light jog at 5mph and imagine my utter shock and devastation when after 20 seconds, my heart rate pumped up and I started huffing and puffing, barely able to hold myself together. Guilt filled my brain and the pizza and cheese swam in front of me as for the most part of my workout, I jogged at 4-5 mph feeling rundown. Nothing seemed to be going my way this week.

I constantly have an argument with myself. As someone decimated to a fit lifestyle, I don’t want to give up on pleasures of life just so I can show my abs and a toned body to the world. But when a night of abandon leads to utter failure in the gym and your two worlds collide what do you do?

I suppose, the answer to this would be to eat in moderation and listen to your body. Have a slice of pizza or two or a pint but do not go overboard.

I love pizza but feeling this weak in the gym and feeling all my handwork go waste is not 20170308_111842something I want to deal with ever again.

Lesson learnt for the foodie in me, get your fun cheat meals in the day time or the afternoon as that gives the body enough time to digest it and this does not hit your fitness progress as much.

And the body NEEDS a cheat meal, tell me otherwise and be ready for a fight.


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