Talking Supplements

protein-myths-mainWhen we talk about supplements, there are two very distinct schools of thought present. One group overloads on supplements from using BCAA and protein shakes while the other group strongly believes in natural sources of nutrients.

It is very important to note and take account of your nutrition and to see how and when you get your nutrients.

When fitness is a goal, you may want to lose weight or gain muscles or start cutting them, you need very different nutrition for all kinds.

One of the most important things to remember is that you should never ever crash diet or keep one kind of nutrient away from your body. The nutrients and foods were developed to fuel your body and you just need to understand and know where the fuel goes.

Supplements, especially protein supplements, complement the protein intake of your body. When you start lifting and are in the process of gaining muscles, your muscle swill want to absorb more protein and natural sources of proteins are not enough for that. But this does not mean that you go for synthetic or chemicalised forms of protein. Protein supplements are sourced from natural sources like milk, soy and even peas and delivers all on the form of a shake. They just compress the nutrient into a small shake because lets be honest, you cannot eat raw eggs like Rocky did or ingest cup loads of peas. So this just complements it.

What is important to note is that you should keep a track of your protein consumption and just google the amount of protein you need for your weight goal. My diet follows a muscle growing trajectory where I need almost 1 gm of protein for a pound of body weight

My natural sources include eggs, chickpeas and gram flour, white meat (Chicken and Turkey), peas, nuts and my trusty protein shake.

I have been advised on various occasions to take BCAA and CLA. These are tablets with naturally occurring caffeine and fats in them. BCAA acts like an espresso shot and gives you energy to lift hard, I choose espresso over it and CLA is a fatty acid which for reasons unknown, even to the medical faculty aids in burning fat. I have tried it and haven’t really stuck to it, my brain signalling alarm at an unnatural tablet. Another protein which people take is called creatine which helps in cutting. I haven’t really researched it and as my bulking phase gets over, I might delve more into the world of supplements.

Another form of supplements are important vitamins which help in muscle recovery and out of all these, I really love Vit C tablets as I am too lazy to eat a whole bag of oranges and limes.

As a friend pointed out once, you should always keep track of your protein intake as overdoing anything causes harm to your body. Do not eliminate anything from your body (I am talking carbs and fats). And drink plenty of water to digest your protein and do not take any supplement without consulting a doctor or a nutrionist!!



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