White Rice VS Brown Rice

For many years and for a lack of good catchy headlines, fitness instructors and health coaches have propagated the story of brown rice.

White Rice vs Brown rice is the name of the story and today I reveal the truth. As a fitness coach and weight loss expert, having lost a 100 pounds and building muscles, I have been seduced by the love of brown rice and the many seemingly amazing benefits that it has over white rice.

I am from South Asian descent and rice is major part of my cuisine. So, imagine my horror and sadness that I could not eat biryani and pulao with white rice but had to instead choke down brown rice.

In order lose the weight, I did that diligently until I was at a film shoot and craving white rice like an addict. I gave up and chugged down a bowl and then, in order to calm my mind, sat down and did research on which kind of rice I am allowed to eat.

In this video I discuss the differences between the two and the fact that maybe brown rice has been mistakenly bestowed a demi god like status it does not really deserve.

Do you agree?

Watch the video HERE


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