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Vegan Breakfast Pancakes

As promised on my instagram post this morning, Here I am sharing the recipe for my Vegan Pancakes.


Whole Wheat Flour : 1 Cup

Baking Soda : 1 tsp

Castor Sugar : 2 tbsp

Vanilla Essence : 2 tsp

Coconut Milk : 1/2 Cup

Margarine : 1 tbsp

Maple Syrup: Be Canadian!


  1. Mix the Baking powder into the flour and sift till it feels light and airy and add the castor sugar to it.
  2. Slowly add in the coconut milk till a batter forms.
  3. Heat a cast iron pan and when it is super hot, turn to medium low and add the margarine.
  4. Make Pancakes like you would usually do and top with Maple Syrup.

PRO TIP: Add in mashed bananas for more texture if you fancy that.

What Recipes do you want to see next?


Life Lessons

A Millenial in Toronto

India will always be in my soul and a part of my soul.

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In the winter of 2017, I would wake up to the hustle and bustle of the many people in my house in Delhi, the newspaper walla aiming to throw the perfect roll of paper in our balcony, the constant ringing of the doorbell and maids and deliveries started, the sound of traffic as rickshaw wallas pulled over and haggled around the streets, the vegetable vendors screaming of their wares, the 4 adorable stray dogs we had adopted waiting around and just being present, occasionally barking at an unfamiliar place and the unmistakable noise of the city that I can recognise in any audioscape.

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As I walked out of my London flat, en route my gym, I heard the Coldpay song, “Hymn for the weekend” for the first time and the song begins with the unmistakable sound of the Indian cuckoo bird and temple chimes and other “noises” and I missed my soul then.

And today, as I sit in my Toronto apartment, overlooking Yonge street covered in piles of snow, a song bursts out from my instagram feed and I see an Indian influencer I follow, sit on her bed and sing to the song. Very arbitrary but just the setting of her bed, the colourful blankets and colourful pillows, the cement walls and the decor took me back to my time in India.

Because India will always be my soul.

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Pulling myself out of my nostalgic roadtrip of India, I look at my pristine white apartment here and am reminded of my similar white and red flat in London and suddenly I am struck by the overwhelming feeling of being at this weirdly wonderful crossroads in my life that I share with millions of other.

Others also known as millennials.

As millennials, we are a part of a generation that has promptly torn up the roadmap the generations before us drew, taken pictures of the torn pages and posted on instagram and tweeted about it. We are so connected to each other and the world and we have this rare chance to actually make a difference in the world and make so much of our lives than any other war ridden generation before us ever did.

20 years ago, as a late 20 something, you would be expected to have a professional job, something that pays you a decent salary, you have benefits, a flat and a spouse and you would be expected to follow suit with a few kids, a mortgage and school and college funds and eventually care for your parents in retirement as they give the reigns of a similar life to you.

But now, we have this wonderful ability of choice. I can choose to get married and live on my own terms or choose not to and live on my own terms.

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Millennials are selfish, they say but is it selfish or self conscious?

In a city like Toronto much akin to London or New York, the overwhelming population is of professional millennials. They have degrees in various fields, have careers and also moonlight as models, influencers, chef’s, musicians etc.

They are not forced to choose between one or the other.

Ofcourse there is stress as the economy seems to go through crests and troughs but now, the question of “Who am I” and “What am I doing” seems to be at the centre of most discourse. Millennials don’t just talk about salary and benefits and mortgage but climate change, trans rights, visibility, positive changes etc.

What Millennials are getting right?

  1. We are opinionated and rightly so. Our lives are a great gift and having an opinion on things that matter actually make you feel connected, useful and makes the society a much better place to live in.
  2. There is no compromise: The box that the society forced us to live in a la Animal Farm is being slowly torn apart. We give value to things that help us feel happy and give us peace. People, items and issues that do not “spark joy” are duly removed because life is too short for compromises.
  3. Actually care about the World: Whether it’s the vegetarian who cares about how animals are treated or the feminist who brings to face how women and men exist in the society. The world around us could do with some thought and there is a thought and some action.

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As I move around being a millennial in Toronto, interacting with more people who do so many exciting things, I am amazed at the gold mine I am on. I have a mate who is a professional triathlon athlete and a Business Analyst, another who is an accountant by day and DJ by night and another who is a full-time filmmaker and another who left his day job to give legal advice to those who need it at a pub he runs by himself.

And as I traverseย this city and this life as a filmmaker and a corporate girl, I don’t feel alone and I don’t feel lost, instead I am excited about how we are building a life and society and building upon the foundations of the previous generations and doing it proudly and happily as millennials!

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How VIT E helped me tame my loose skin

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Again.

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Look at yourself in the mirror. When you look at the perfect people on screen, in films and commercials, the aim of the maker's is to generate envy. They have been prodded and edited to such an extent that they don't recognise themselves. Yet, when you look at them, you are supposed to want to be them. You should want to feel as skinny. As perfectly curvy. With amazing skin and an enviable wardrobe. Don't. As a filmaker, I know the amount of work that goes in to create those images and when they make you feel not so good, look at yourself in the mirror and see that you are perfect. . . . . . . . . . . . . #strong #mentalhealth #filmmaker #filmsecrets #media #bodyimage #loveyourself #instapic #redhair #filmmaker #Canadian #torontoblogger #bodyimage #quotes #selfcare #redhairdontcare #femalefilmmaker #lovequotes #inspirationalquotes #indiangirl

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I wanted to pinch out the skin poking out from my tummy, I hated it. I poked hard and felt the two abs I had worked hard on all summer. And looking at me, you would never guess how much protein I ingest and how hard I worked out and how heavy I lift.

My loose skin was my Everest.

I decided to document it in a video HERE.

How being strong and healthy and finally in the correct weight and BMI and BMR and every possible scale does not mean you look like it.

I would wear tight clothes and see a roll seep out. How I hated my loose skin.

So, I went to my trainer. He is the best trainer ever and if you are ever in Delhi, hit me up and I will direct you to him.


We discussed ways to tackle my loose skin and he was at a loss. We experimented with many strengthening creams and lotions and I started wearing a waist trainer as I went back home to London, all in the hopes of seeing my ab definition, if ever!

Every night, I had the same routine and every time I just felt NOTHING.

I understood the limitations of my body post losing almost 100 pounds.

I would never have the perfect body! I had taken my body for a ride and had ignored it so much that I should be happy with whatever I got.

I accepted my fate.

But something in me did not.

Fast Forward one year and I was shopping at Calvin Klein store in New York. A dream come true right?

Ever since I could remember myself, I would buy the cheapest pair of jeans possible in stretchy material and then wrestle with it in the trial room and cover it up with long tops. So, I was delirious as I entered Calvin Klein stores and did nit get stared at but was suddenly offered size 4 and size 6 jeans to try!.
A single digit size!!!

Now, technically, I am a size 2, but we are not talking numbers here. In my happiest body moment, my loose skin hit me hard again and I had to buy a size 8 pair because the loose skin on my thighs would not let me inside a size 6.

That night, as it rained outside my window, I went back to my roots. And it jumped at me.

Dermatologists speak so much about Vit E and I had tried all possible creams and lotions and I was wary.

But which naturally occurring thing has more Vit E than anything?


I got me some virgin coconut oil added in sugar granules and every night massaged my whole body with it.

I remembered how my yoga guru would tell us to always massage the body with oil before taking a warm bath and I did that. Every single day.

And the results?

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A no filter #transformationtuesday I bulked and cut and lost weight and am so happy with my results. And despite the physical change a strong mental change has ensued. I have started a journey of discovering myself. Cliched enough? But under layers of fat and bad eating habits and stupid society, you tend to shut yourself in a cage. I am on youtube now, breaking the cage so that no one goes through what I did. we are beautiful at all sizes and fitness is about making you the best version of yourself. Join me on liftlikeagirl . . . . . . . . . #fitfam #fitlife #girlswithmuscles #beautiful #ukfitfam #weightloss #selflove #instafit #stronghold #strong #delhigirl #londonblogger #fitfam #bodybuilding #femalefitnessmotivation #indianfitness

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Let’ s just look at my amazing definition in THIS VIDEO right here.

Speaks for itself doesn’t it?

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Motivate me for the GYM

I hear you sound again and I hate you again.

My alarm rings and I want to snuggle up deep in my blankets again.

The lean winter season means there are fewer shoots and more paperwork. The script I am writing is creating a hole in my head and my heart and my social media work is still ON TIME.


What happened to practising and preparing and planning?

Well, I was never a sucker for that and however much I want, I can never really write in journals and plan every moment of my life.



The alarm rings again and I NEED to shut it off. I have meetings with producers, scrips to finesse, actors to see and argue about a reasonable job to do, but first, I NEED TO GYM.

HERE I share my pre-gym getting ready routine.


If there is one thing I need NO MOTIVATION for, it is going out and working.

And even though its snowing and temperatures are sub zero, I walk to the gym and feel happy about it. So here I share some of my reasons to be MOTIVATED for the gym.

  1. I love love love the ENDORPHIN rush the workout gives and then for hours I am a happy bubble that works like in cartoons.
  2. The strength I feel while lifting makes me get rid of all the tension and the ache in the muscles just feels so good.
  3. Sticking to a healthy routine makes my body feel light and I do not binge on junk foods and feel no reason to either smoke or drink alcohol and it just feels real good, like a high.
  4. I kickstart my day with a workout and everything seems to flow smoothly.

What are your reasons to be fit?


And if you do not have reasons, drop in the comments the reason THAT WILL MOTIVATE you to be fit?

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“I feel fat”

Feeling Fat??

Fat is NOT a feeling and the fact that you feel fat means that you have succumbed to the society’s pressure of looking a certain way.


Have you?

Let’s hope not.

What you actually feel is sluggish, lazy and bleh.

This could happen for a lot of reasons, if you are an active person, it could be a lack of physical activity or if you ate a lot or were recently sick, you will be overwhelmed by this emotion which is NOT FAT.

So, as I struggled with holiday food and feeling bleh and not FAT.

I decided to showcase my favourite gym wear and shot a haul video.

Now, I am NOT a haul video kinda gal.

I am more about showing my workouts and sharing body love as far and wide as I could.


Digging into the depths of youtube, I saw so many super fit girls sharing their gym haul and it filled me with a sense of guilt and sadness and more bleh. I lost my abs and as I was bulking, I am thick.



This video is an attempt by me to feel better and show y’all what a regular person feeling bleh, wearing a gym haul feels like. And it did make me feel better and better news?


I felt inspired enough to hit the gym the next day!

All in a good day’s shoot?

Watch my trailer here and maybe click HERE for the video if you liked it.


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THE 1 Month January RESET

I trudged across my staircase, turned the heating on a bit and looked at the snow fall faster outside the window.
The white blanket got thicker and a shiver ran down my spine. I picked up my hot soy coffee mug and sipped the caffeine filled deliciousness.
Contrary to all my planning and plotting and the tempting masquerade ball invite in Downtown, I was snuggled in my house with family, about to start a Grey’s Anatomy binge with my sisters and I could not be happier.
Except when I was alone like this, staring at the city lights, fuzzy with snow and a smattering of some lone last minute shoppers.
Since, thanksgiving, I had been confined (mostly willingly) to the house, working on my projects and scripts and bulking. But ever since Christmas and that eventful cold day at the Distillery District in Downtown, I was a home buddy.


I knew January was round the corner

and with work gaining steam, I would have to get off my comfort zone and hit the work force again.

And I was a fluffy pile of mess. I had indulged myself in holiday food, cream, cheese and often cupcakes for breakfast and then mac and cheese for three straight days.

I forgive myself and so should you.


But let’s hit January with full force now.

What is the January Reset?

  1. A way to get acquainted with a fit lifestyle without overwhelming your body and mind.
  2. A four week program to kickstart your body, clean the holiday mess and detox you.
  3. Simple diet plans that YOU can modify and not feel unhappy about.
  4. A support group of highly curated people who will ENCOURAGE YOU.


So what are you waiting for???






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How to start yoga practice?

I have been asked a gazzilllion times about how to start a yoga practice.

Do you have to be a yogi and retreat into the Himalayas to get into it or should you be so flexible that you twist and turn yourself into a pretzel?

I have had the pleasure of learning and practicing yoga in both, the western world and lately, in India.

My Story:

My first ever yoga class was at a local teacher’s class and at that point in my life, I did not know that getting a good yoga teacher is half the job done. Now, this woman was all heart but no skill. She mixed up online youtube yoga sessions with her version of jumping around the room chanting Om at the highest volume. Her incense filled room with intensive chakra art was enough to intimidate anyone. Needless to say, I never returned after a month of wierd zumbaish yoga classes and I was crushed.

I later got in touch with an Ashtanga yoga teacher and since was based up north in England and I was down south, our sessions were online and she would make pictures of poses for me to follow and I felt happy with my practice but i wanted to more.

During my last trip in India, I started looking up yoga retreats and classes and most of them were just out to cheat you. One woman asked me to pay up a huge amount of money first before even considering the classes. I felt like this was a bad money making business now and felt a tinge of sadness at not being able to learn yoga in India, the birthplace of yoga.

In the later years, I started lifting more and as I loved getting instant results or just hitting the iron hard, yoga took a backseat in my life.

I met some very funny and crazy characters during this phase. I was still looking for a good teacher and I met an overzealous religious leader who prescribed me to stop eating bread, lay off caffeine and ONLY eat vegetarian food to consider getting results in his classes, I ran for dear life. One woman preached to me about the intensity and greatness of Indian culture and Hinduism and as I am against ALL FORMS OF ORGANISED RELIGION I despised it.

Last month, my father found an Iyengar yoga centre in Delhi and as I was here, I did some research, found it credible and visited the centre.

It was like finding home.

For the first time, I did not feel the oppressive need to trying to prove anything. The teacher was someone who loved yoga for yoga and the only thing she asked of us was to not come hungover to her class.

She taught biology along with yoga with no religion added in and I felt whole with my mind and body.

She did not twist us or even put us in a headstand, she focussed on us understanding our bodies and after my 8 classes were over, as I went over to thank her, i felt so overwhelmed that I bawled my eyes out, crying about finding a good teacher in Toronto. I am lucky enough that she has agreed to help me haha!!

So, here I am, a bodybuilder and a lifter, I practice yoga and I am by no means an ideal yogini but I am so happy with the way my body and mind respond and the amazing amazing teacher I had that I have a new found love for yoga.

Even if lifting is still on the driver’s seat, yoga is right by it as a co-driver.

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The relationship between physical fitness and mental health: My Story

Last week I asked my community to send in questions asking about the relationship between physical and mental fitness and I just uploaded a video about it.

HERE is the video for you to check out.

Now, I tell my story.

I was 270 lbs at my peak and suffered from severely low self esteem, this resulted in a minor personality disorder where I would act out in the weirdest ways, hate every single person and decided that I would rather be alone and eat than do anything about what plagues me.

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A no filter #transformationtuesday I bulked and cut and lost weight and am so happy with my results. And despite the physical change a strong mental change has ensued. I have started a journey of discovering myself. Cliched enough? But under layers of fat and bad eating habits and stupid society, you tend to shut yourself in a cage. I am on youtube now, breaking the cage so that no one goes through what I did. we are beautiful at all sizes and fitness is about making you the best version of yourself. Join me on liftlikeagirl . . . . . . . . . #fitfam #fitlife #girlswithmuscles #beautiful #ukfitfam #weightloss #selflove #instafit #stronghold #strong #delhigirl #londonblogger #fitfam #bodybuilding #femalefitnessmotivation #indianfitness

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I was friendless and bullied and took it out on food and my family. I was NOT the best person to be around that time.

Slowly, I started dieting and lost “some” weight but by all means was still “fat” . This resulted in a minor change in me where I started getting some male attention (Hello, male validation for making women feel “good” about themselves) and I started drowning in depression and compliments. I would rather be called pretty than anything and I had no self respect.

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4 years transformation: The obvious is the weight loss and fashion sense but for me, it has been more about personal and mental growth as well. I have overcome personal losses, battled depression, body image dysmorphia and have fallen in love with working out and gyming. I found my love for films and as I stand today, a mere few days after another devastating personal loss, I find myself unwilling to retreat into a shell and try and empower as many people as I possible can. I find joy in talking to people and interacting with my youtube community of positive people. I find that hard times come and you fight that and cherish each experience and each person.

A post shared by Samridhi R Kumar ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ (@liftlikeagirl13) on

I started lifting weights and had so many people muscle shame me because of that. I cut them off.

I started doing yoga and started listening to my mind for the first time in so many years.

Today, I stand here, a girl with muscles, a bodybuilder, an iyengar yogini and a person who is happiest at the gym, hitting the iron and I ward off all depressing thoughts with headstands.

If there was ever a cure for my depression, ED, low self esteem and everything else, it was physical fitness.


Life Lessons

Are we allowed to dream?


Self motivation and love for our own self is often termed as being selfish.

But how selfish should you be then? Are you not even allowed to dream?

Our self worth is often calculated in terms the society deems respectable and correct.

Are you rich? Definitely worth it.

Are you beautiful? Gorgeously worth it?

Do you have a big social circle? You are in!!??

But, does all of this truly make us happy?

I dream of making it in the big city. The Big Apple and there have been roadblocks but I persist. and I will.

As a former fat girl, I get to evaluate a before and after me, a chance many people do not get.

I have grown every single day into a human being my parents would be proud of and let’s face it, they are the only ones worth doing anything for.

I feel like we should be a train on a journey of self happiness and fulfilment and the people we meet and join in with are coaches but we are the engine.

We should never ever change our track for anyone and if they like you for who you are, they WILL join in or leave and that is OK.


Dream on and don’t care about the labels the world throws on us.

We are so much beyond labels.

Life Lessons

The liberty to choose a partner


Aren’t we all just a little bit obsessed with it?

We love watching romance films, reading novels that give us butterflies in the stomach and day dreaming about that dream boat you exchanged glances with.

In India and some other parts of the world, love seems to have been hijacked by insecure parents, societal demands and astrology. In an age old tradition of arranging marriages, relationships are being butchered and people sold off as perfect matches.

On paper, this seems like such a perfect concept, you match the class, type and anything else of two people, parents are happy with the family (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IN INDIA) and lo! You are married off?

I don’t understand why the society and parents like to be in between two people, but that’s how arranged marriages work.

It is sad for me to see people still encouraging something like this where a personal choice is taken and made public, the topic of who you should marry ceases to lie with you but with your local neighbourhood aunty, relatives and experts.

It doesn’t matter if you are compatible or not.

It does not matter if you love each other of not.

And it definitely does not matter that one family will try and spread patriarchy as much as possible.

Well, i can get tired of tired of writing but this nonsense does not seem to stop.

Rather be single than be involved in an arranged marriage.

So, I shot a video rant with a funny girl and if you want, watch it for some laughs.

HERE is the video.

Life Lessons

Men do not stare at me at the GYM

I am at the gym, rushing through the sidewalk in a large coat with my active wear under me. I am almost always too excited at the prospect of the gym to waste time in the changing room.

I open the door and a cool breeze welcomes me and I know I am home.

I take off my coat and reveal a tight pair of grey gym pants, my favourite piece from Gap I got at a bargain in New Jersey.

My sports bra clings on my breasts and have a blue and often white cotton top to avoid any accidental boob slippage.

I walk down the shiny plastic red lit staircase to the basement where the heavy weights are, tightening my fanny pack and taking out my gym gloves to wear.

I stare at my reflection the in the mirror. A red haired girl stares back, a tribal tattoo peeking out from her left breast, a sneaky quote on her left wrist and a symbol on her neck. I raise my arms to tighten my hair and my grandmothers’ names on my arm peek out. All off these, surrounding me and giving me comfort.

The music blasts on and I put on my blue headphones at maximum volume, ready to lift and lift heavy.

As a woman who lives in the city, being comfortable with your body and the inherent nakedness that comes with at the gym are two paradoxical lives I have lived.

In the gym, while deadlifting, I would always push all off my top inside my sports bra to avoid any piece of cloth being stuck in my waist belt and while working out any body part, I make sure clothes are not a part of it.

Will I get stared at?

Will I get nasty comments or comments that would make me feel disgusting about being a woman?

A common answer would be yes, maybe.

But, to my surprise, I am never stared at. The gym is surrounded by people working their asses off on a schedule and is full of mirrors. Appreciative glances are passed and acknowledged at a good form, at a heavy weight you are lifting and at an amazing muscle pump you get and that is that.

90 minutes later, I step out, in my coat, a hoodie or a hat on my head and the only way you would know I am a woman is by looking at my breasts and behind and that is enough for men to stare at me.

They cannot see my eyes or my face.

They see red hair peeking out and curves and that walk is the most excruciatingly painful walk ever.

You can call out a cat-caller or fight someone who tries to touch you, but what do you do to people who stare at you and mentally undress you?

I often ask myself why would they do this? What do they gain from it? It is not like I hand out my number to any guy who stares at my body parts.

I found this open letter to men who stare and it connected with me.

Have you also faced this?

Have you been stared at and made to feel uncomfortable?

Please read this and comment with your experience.

Open Letter to Men who Stare





1 K Subscriber Giveaway!!

I am so so happy and blessed that my subscriber count on youtube has crossed 1ooo subscribers!

And as a special giveaway I looked into my jewellery collection and found this amazing unisex Swarovski Crystal watch and I am giving that away as my contest ends!!

To participate:

  1. Watch the whole video and answer the question in the end in my comment section.
  2. Follow and subscribe to me on youtube and instagram.

I will do this for 5 videos.

THIS is the first video of my super giveaway!

A full body gym and HIIT workout!

Hope you enjoy the video.