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Vlogoween| Countdown of the best Horror films for Halloween

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This October, Liftlikeagirl presents her series and countdown of the best horror films of all time.

As a filmmaker and a horror film lover, Halloween is one of my favourite seasons along with fall and autumn and I decided to countdown the best horror films of all time for you guys.

This vlogoween, I will be presenting short videos to just show you the horror film and my reasons why you should watch these films and lets hope that on Halloweeen, we dress up and sip some wine and have a Vlogoween Liftlikeagirl Horror Film Marathon.

I plan to do this?

Do you?

Also, please feel free to suggest which horror film you like the best, what to watch this halloween and why you love halloween.?

Hope you enjoy the video.


Film and TV

Fall 2017 TV Lineup

I love American television. Especially when some showrunners make so much effort to create interesting storylines and hook their audience.

After the appalling season of Game of Thrones, I am way too excited about the fall 2017 TV lineup and have curated a list of shows I am excited about, curious about and downright want cancelled (not to be harsh, but really?)

My Excited List:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy: I never though the show would recover from the death of McDreamy and I still don’t like Maggie. But, the way Meredith is changing and the dynamics are changing along with Alex growing up so much, I feel like I am home when I watch the show. Bring on season 13!!!

My Curious List:

  1. Exorcist: I do not know why I missed the first season of this show!!!! (sue me). But now that I know this show exists, I am ON IT. The first few episodes are so good. I like how there is always a conversation between the skeptic and the believer and it adds more depth than a regular horror show. Season 2! Yass!!

My Tired list:

It is long, but this is the one show I am the most tired of.

  1. The Big Bang Theory: I liked the freshness of the show when it started, was a bit wary of the girls joining in and then proud of them. And then the show became so stale that it stinks now. There is NO story.

For a more detailed list and my face, go watch my video HERE

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American Horror Story Cult Episode 1 Review

American Horror Story is that classic TV show that has been upping it ante in making us feel as uncomfortable as possible.

With a very literal “horror” start in American Horror Story Murder House, the show has given us gems like “Asylum” and warding me off doctors forever and feminist goals in Coven to Jessica Lange and her singing antics in Freak Show.

I was in love and binge watched the first four seasons.

When it was announced that Jessica Lange would not return, I mustered up enough courage to watch the first few episodes ofAmerican Horror Story Hotel and was disappointed, only managing to watch it last year when my love for the AHS franchise persisted. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters made it worthwhile.

Then American Horror Story Roanoke was announced and I decided to watch it with everyone else, patiently waiting for the next episode and as the show was built up, it came to a crash mid season and I was left hung and dry. I watched the whole series and had my doubts on a chance of revival for the series.

When posters of American Horror Story Cult came out, they made me feel uncomfortable and had elements of the previous good seasons that I was intrigued.

With the first episode of American Horror Story Cult “Election Night” out, I review the episode, the performance and the easter eggs I spotted along with my bits and pieces of how I found it as a filmmaker.

I recommend, you watch the review (its spoiler free!) and then watch the episode as it will add layers to your watching experience.