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Who am I: The get to know me tag on youtube

Isn’t this the most cliched and introspective yet philosophical question of all time?

Who am I?

What makes me unique and why should you read my thoughts and watch me do things?

As a filmmaker, model and social media influencer, I create a brand image of myself and push it out everyday, trying to get people to like and engage with my brand. But honestly, that is just one aspect of me.

I am like a spider with webs interwoven in so many places with other spiders, some close and some far and some affected by the webs that I break and then I get affected by the webs someone else breaks. We are all interwoven into each others webs and as I start unravelling a part of my web, I feel a certain responsibility towards the others who are and have been a part of my web.

The get to know me tag on youtube forces you to look at the web and chart a course that will get show the audience more of your web but still hide the web of the ones who don’t want to be a part of it. Privacy 101?

So, a I sat down to to write 10 facts about me, I became overtly conscious and aware of the fact that I have a responsibility towards the people around me and even when those people have gone from my life, the web has not. I have a responsibility towards my audience and if I promised them more honesty and deeper insight into my life, that is what I will give them and I hope I have done it all the while keeping up the image of my brand and the lightness of tone I exude.

And one of the best things that happened as I filmed this tag was that I suddenly got connected with the old Sam. The decisions I took throughout my short life have shaped me so much that it has made me excited for this adventure called life.

I regret my mistakes, I regret some circumstances but I love every moment and am thankful to the ones who cocoon me in their webs and love me and not try to kick me out of it.

Thank you my fellow spiders and follow me and be a part of my lovely web.

Watch my video here

Life Lessons

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivating yourself can be a hard task but applaud yourself if you are reading this!

You have taken the first step in getting off your ass and actually doing something.

I write this from personal experience and research I have done.

Sharing my story: I am a filmmaker. Now, this might seem like the most glamorous job in the whole wide world, but sadly it is not. I am not from a film lineage, so I do not have a line of producers and directors ready to work with me. I have sit and create scripts, contact as many people as I can and show them my work, I need to be proactive with shoots I get, work on minimum wage and then work somewhere else to pay off rent but all of this makes me want to be a filmmaker even more and enjoy my small successes when I get them. A short film I directed was in the indie festival circuit following which an American media company bought it, I got a project with another American company and another with a British TV series and then there are times when there is a slump and I could sit on my ass and cry and trust me, I have done that.

On a personal level, I lost my grandmothers and am going through a breakup that seems to de-motivate me even more and makes me trust people even less. I left London and am countryless, travelling in the hopes of finding a home.

Then how do I motivate myself to churn out videos for youtube, inspire my fitness community, finish my projects on time and still come up with new projects and keep myself busy and my bank balance rolling?

I read a paper once that said that when we start to think of a work we have to do, there is a 6 minute window after which our brain starts to procrastinate. USE THAT WINDOW or identify when it is happening.

Despite what anyone says, motivation comes from within and from a place inside you where you tell yourself that you love yourself. Why do you want to do what you want to do? To make yourself better? Be it a project deadline, a meeting, calling up someone or plain and simple going to the gym.

Everything and anything we do is for our own benefit. We never do anything for anyone.

Even if it is a good deed or a chore for your family member, you do it because you love them or that it makes YOU feel good.

I device steps to motivate myself in times I am low on something and I find that once the brain starts churning, there is a zap of energy and I am full of ideas, positivity and a wish to do more.

Listen to music that pumps you.

Read articles or books that push you.

Write down your goals.

Look back at where you were and where you are now and start again.

Someone asked me how to be motivated to be a fit person, so here in this video I share ways I motivate myself to go and workout every single day.



Benefits of pushups for women

Let’s face it, women have lesser mass on the upper body are and lesser muscle mass as well, the end result? Women tend to have weak upper body strength.

So, how do we make ourselves stronger? Pushups babay!!

Here I list out the benefits of pushups for women:

  1. Pushups enhance the strength of your biceps, triceps and chest. Which means that the flab on your arm is worked and you can actually drop a bra size.
  2. Core Stability: As we age, the core strength reduces which causes flabby stomach to appear and fat tends to be deposited on the belly. As the movement of pushups force you to retract your abdomen, you reduce the are and make it stronger.
  3. Overall toning: Don’t we all want a sculpted look with toned arms and shoulders to look good in a dress? (Yes, I also tend to get superficial). Pushups will help you with that.


SO, without further ado, head over the video HERE and find out the types of pushups you can do!


Office Workout| Easy stretches

Sitting in Office all day long, staring at a big screen and working through mobiles and laptops mean that our spines have to work in a way it is not accustomed to.

The human spice is divided into three parts, the C section connected from the brain to the back, the second one from the back to the lower pelvis and the last from the pelvis to the tailbone. In these three parts, there is mobility, which has since time immemorial helped our ancestors chop down trees, hunt animals, build huge building like the Empire State Building and invent stuff.

But now, we sit and do not use our spine due to which it tends to become straight and results in severe neck pain, back pains and unnecessary stress to your back and head.

It is such a shocking statistic that almost 90 percent of us have back problems, we do not sit with correct posture and are harming ourself.

Ever since I lost 100 pounds, I have been working on improving my fitness level and did a bit of a biology class to understand the human skeleton and ways to improve our posture. This helped me understand how to reduce back pain and helped me create this liftlikeagirl workout wednesday special that works your spine and gives you a good stretch. Workout while you are at work so that there are no excuses for not being your best self.

Here is the video link.


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Carbs for building muscle

Carbs to build muscle?

Carbs bad for you?

The science behind carbs explained in this video.

For the longest time, carbs have such a bad rep that even now, all people who want to lose weight are advised to give up carbs.

Haven’t you heard of low carb diet? Carb cycling? or just giving up carbs all together?

Let’s get to the point, carbohydrates are made up of glucose which are present in so many food groups that you just cannot avoid them

As such, in order to use carbs to build muscles, you should not give it up. Carbs are one of the three main nutrients you need to live.

As a girl who lifts on a muscle building journey, I have been advised against carbs for the longest time.

In my 100 pound weight loss journey, I have read up on carbs and personally experienced all kinds of carb diets.

I have done carb cycling.

I have lived through low carb diet.

and I have googled all possible carb terms from losing weight with carbs to carbs to build muscle and this video explains the science behind why your body needs carbs.

And as a bonus, I share a low carb, high protein and totally delish recipe which I am using in my muscle building program.

HERE is the video.

Hope you enjoy it!



White Rice VS Brown Rice

For many years and for a lack of good catchy headlines, fitness instructors and health coaches have propagated the story of brown rice.

White Rice vs Brown rice is the name of the story and today I reveal the truth. As a fitness coach and weight loss expert, having lost a 100 pounds and building muscles, I have been seduced by the love of brown rice and the many seemingly amazing benefits that it has over white rice.

I am from South Asian descent and rice is major part of my cuisine. So, imagine my horror and sadness that I could not eat biryani and pulao with white rice but had to instead choke down brown rice.

In order lose the weight, I did that diligently until I was at a film shoot and craving white rice like an addict. I gave up and chugged down a bowl and then, in order to calm my mind, sat down and did research on which kind of rice I am allowed to eat.

In this video I discuss the differences between the two and the fact that maybe brown rice has been mistakenly bestowed a demi god like status it does not really deserve.

Do you agree?

Watch the video HERE

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The 2 Min Wonder Workout

How to reduce thighs?

How to get thin thighs?

How to get skinny legs?

Every woman with big hips has wondered about this for as long as I remember.

Being body positive, Liftlikeagirl says we should cut loose these labels and insead focus on what is more important.

The thumbnail might be misleading but for me, as a 200 pound girl, labels were important. I wanted to fit into size 0 jeans actually. Yes! The horror of being size 0 unnaturally.

It was when I started exercising and eating healthy and reading up on body image, I realised that we all have different bodies and we should NOT aspire to be like someone.

After losing 100 pounds, I was weight loss queen and compliments flooded in along with some sly remarks on how my thighs were still fat! With fat thighs, I walked and wondered if I did something wrong?

Which is when I came up with this liftlikeagirl 2 min wonder workout. It does not reduce your thighs and will not make you fit in a particular jean size. Nope.

What it does is, make your thigh muscles strong, burn fat and unhealthy toxins and as a result your thighs get to the size that is right for your body.

As mainly sedentary workers, we have lost track of what is healthy for our body. What is healthy for our thighs is not have skinny or round thighs or a particular kind of thighs the media thinks is the new norm.

our thighs will be in proportion to your body and will be the size your genetics, eating habits and workout determines.

And this 2 min wonder thigh workout will aid the process, make your thigh muscles stronger and contract and expand according to your need.

The details of the workout are as follows:

  1. Plyometric Jumps: The plyometric jumps can be done with any box and are high intensity and increase your heart rate which aids in burning fat.
  2. Squats: Squats are the most underused and overused form of exercise. This wide squat will training your thighs and make your muscles stronger. Increase the weight as you deem fit but do not go until failure because you do need to get home from the gym.
  3. Lunges: Lunges are my Kryptonite. I have such bad form but I persevere. With a lunge, you need to ht a 90 degree angle and work out the largest thigh muscle.

Ideally you will want to do 3 sets but if you want this workout to really burn, try and get in 5 sets.


  1. Keep your Protein intake high. And if you prefer vegetarian protein: Here is the link to VEGAN PROTEIN SOURCES.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Eat healthy carbs like banana or brown bread before your workout.
  4. And try some of these FAT BURNING FOODS post workout.

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Top 5 Vegan Protein Sources

Veganism: ( Def ) Veganism is defined as a diet in which no animal is harmed for any of its products.

A vegan person is often a product of his choice. No one is born vegan. At some point in the life of a vegan person, he decides to stop hurting animals for his food.

There are many reasons people switch to veganism and it is a noble cause.

As the food industry grows and is no longer just about the food we eat but INDUSTRY becomes a big part of it, animals are often reared for their food products.

Chickens are bred just so we can eat them. They are more food than birds. Pigs are bred for bacon and cows for steak. These animals do not get to see and taste freedom.

Chickens are fed a specific diet not to make it healthy but improve the quality and size of its eggs. A cow’s calf is denied milk to cater to the dairy industry.


This is not the whole picture and I do NOT in any case advocate what diet a person should follow.

Many farms treat their animals well and food should be a conscious choice.

As a bodybuilder and a former fat girl, I love my protein and meats and it is hard for me to give them up. But, I try and get them from sustainable sources and from happy chickens.

I cannot tolerate dairy and with the dairy industry getting a lot of flak for its practices, I am glad I don’t consume much.

I looked up and read on and watched many activists talking against the dairy industry but what really swayed me was the fact that when I stopped drinking milk, my skin started clearing up and to me that was a sign that I could not tolerate dairy.

I went to a doctor who told me that I was partially lactose intolerant. So things worked out well for me.

In this video, I share some vegan sources of protein that i have personally used and found useful.

Also, as an Indian, I am a lentil curry expert, so if you want me to share my recipe and teach you how to cook lentils, don’t forget to drop in the comments.

Watch the video HERE

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Starting Jump Rope Workout

This workout Wednesday, Liftlikeagirl tries a jump rope workout for the first time ever!!
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about jump rope workouts:

1. Can you lose weight by jumping ropes?
2. Is jump rope just cardio?
3. Is jumping bad for your knees?
4. can you chisel a body with just a jump rope?
5. How to workout with a jump rope?

If you have been playing with the idea of a jump rope for the longest time, worry not because I try this for the first time with you.

This is a short jump rope workout and a major fail aesthetically. I look funny as I try to maintain balance and jump and swing but I am positive this will change and I am hoping I will be able to post in some more jump rope videos and show you my progress.

On a personal exercise slash workout goals, I am planning a 4 week jump rope transformation where I do jump rope workouts for 4 hours a week along with my regular gym and lifting workouts and a clean diet.

If you have been following me for some time, you would know I love lifting and I lost 100 pounds by lifting so that is something i can never ever give up. I am all for girls who lift and the fact that girls should lift. And many women still don’t lift, especially Indian women and I am here to change that or at the very east challenge that.

Also, as this is the FALL season, my second favourite season after winter, I share some fall fitness tips in a video and hope that you have the chance to see that.
Because it is fall, I indulged in awful diet habits in the past 1 week and I am back in the clean eating wagon after some time.

So, with this jump rope workout and my 4 week jump rope plan, I am hoping to add in to my fitness, counter the days of bad eating I have had and help myself lose weight, gain muscle, get lean and have a bikini body in fall!!

Hope you enjoy the video.


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5 Pro Fitness Tips to say fit this Fall\Autumn| BONUS: Diwali Fitness Tips| Liftlikeagirl

❤Comment with a fitness tip you have for the fall season?❤

🍔 And are there people who have lost the weight and feel guilty eating after I know I do and I need help.🍕

5 Pro Fitness Tips to stay fit this Fall is a way for me to show you that the coming cold months do NOT mean that you will gain some weight and lose the summer bikini bod you worked for all this while.

And as a bonus, since it is Diwali time in India and Halloween everywhere else, I am sharing this at the right time?

By a bikini bod, I mean a body you feel confident in while wearing a bikini. You can be any size or shape but that confidence in your own body comes from healthy eating, exercise and a good mental attitude which the media fails to show.

This fall, I will share some easy to do fitness tips, Diwali dos and don’ts to make you feel not guilty for enjoying the festive season.

You will be inundated by halloween candy and Diwali sweets but that does not mean you let go of clean eating habits and any good fitness tips that you have.

I would love it if you lifters share your fitness tips to keep healthy mind and body during the fall and autumn season when you have loads of hot chocolate and mulled wine to carry you over.

Indian Diwali is one of my favourite festivals, the lights and the atmosphere, the joy of giving, the sweets and the dresses. Diwali is such a colourful festival and is rightly called the festival of lights and as I have lost 100 pounds and don’t wan the weight loss to be a burden on my head, I usually follow these pro fitness tips and indulge during the festive season but then clean up my act to not hamper my weight loss and mental health.

So, without further ado, here is my video with an amazing saree.


Hope you enjoy the video.

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Vlogoween| Countdown of the best Horror films for Halloween

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This October, Liftlikeagirl presents her series and countdown of the best horror films of all time.

As a filmmaker and a horror film lover, Halloween is one of my favourite seasons along with fall and autumn and I decided to countdown the best horror films of all time for you guys.

This vlogoween, I will be presenting short videos to just show you the horror film and my reasons why you should watch these films and lets hope that on Halloweeen, we dress up and sip some wine and have a Vlogoween Liftlikeagirl Horror Film Marathon.

I plan to do this?

Do you?

Also, please feel free to suggest which horror film you like the best, what to watch this halloween and why you love halloween.?

Hope you enjoy the video.


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Loose skin After weight loss: VIDEO

After losing 100 pounds, I have tackled issues of loose skin, cellulite and stretch marks. It is not easy losing 100 pounds and is often recommended that you do not go and lose weight fast but make your weight loss slow so that you do not have loose skin.

My personal story of this 100 pound weight loss is a slow one, I started lifting and dieting and I was so scared of getting surgery for loose skin that I tried all possible remedies to get rid of my loose skin.

I was shocked to see cellulite on my thighs and stretch marks started cropping up in my flabby arms and back of my stomach, I looked up so many remedies to get rid of loose skin.

I tried creams and stretching exercises for my loose skin but I have realised that dropping 100 pounds has been such a monumental step in the direction of my health that I need to accept my body for it is and be body positive.

I look at how media represents weight loss and even extreme weight loss with after pictures of people who have lost weight looking so amazing with muscles and skinny legs but as a filmmaker, I know it is all because of perfect lights and cameras and editing softwares.

The point of this presentation is to increase my library of body positive videos and as liftlikeagirl, I show the imperfections in my body after my 100 pound weight loss.

You can be anywhere you want but just love your body and do not search for losing weight fast and easy but instead search for exercises and workouts and fitness tips to better you life and lifestyles.