Comfort Food and Hormones

As women, we are very well aware of our hormonal changes every single day.

For the uninitiated, our oestrogen levels spike up and down as we go through a monthly cycle. The uterus prepares for a baby and when it does not find one, the lining dissipates out in the form of periods that causes cramps, clotting and blood flow out from the vagina.

This monthly cycle means, there are days we feel sluggish and days we feel our active best, add various mood swings and triggers and you have a veritable mess of feelings and hormones. Somedays we have an active sex drive and on other days we just want to cover up and lie in the duvet, some days we are the happiest ever and on other days we are our angry best. get the drift?

To people who relate food with feelings, this causes us to eat our feelings. On days we feel active and happy, our diet is the very best and then there are down days where a bar of chocolate and a block of cheese calms down all rampant hormones and when the deadly red fountain appears, many of us feel like digging into our comfort foods.

In order to not face a mountain of guilt over our comfort food choices the next day, it is important to keep your food in check. We can dig into delicious treats if we time them well and know when to stop. Binge eating will not just set you back in the gym (or wherever you exercise) but make you feel worse later on.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson points out the importance of comfort foods and how he uses just one time of the day in a week for this. With this, he can keep his macros and diet in check while not craving pizza or cheese while sticking to his diet.

I tend to keep a check on my portion because who wants to eat a low fat chocolate or a low fat version of cheese?

Here is a list of swaps I incorporate in my diet which lets me feel happy with my comfort food, battle the period monster and hit it out in the gym:

  1. Chocolate: Avoid milk and truffles and stick to dark or 1 square of regular chocolate.
  2. Wine: Prefer Red and stick to a glass (Something I find very very difficult).
  3. Indian Food: Homemade with no cream and swap naan with 1 roti or 1 cup rice.
  4. Cheese : I stick to a bite of 2 of my favourites (goat cheese or blue cheese is better than others.)
  5. Pizza: Thin crust with more protein
  6. Chinese food: I avoid it but look for ramen or dumplings


Did I miss anything? Would love to know your healthy swaps and comfort food items.!